The very best game-changing ideas are condensed into the HIGH-PERFORMANCE FORUM curriculum and manual, personally prepared by Darren Hardy. These ideas are taken from Darren’s 20 years of personal and professional study, culled from thousands of books into 48 personal journals filled front to back—a knowledge bank of more than 1,000 pages of key ideas. Hundreds of thousands of dollars has been invested in this learning and now it is all yours.

This distillation of knowledge and select insights are worth millions on their own.

“The HPF Manual is the most valuable marketing book I now own. The content is cutting edge forward-thinking. By being a part of the HPF, I expect to increase my company’s net profit by at least 500K over our projections”

Connelly Hayward, Owner/President L.H. Hayward & Co, LLC ($15M food manufacturing company)



“Darren has skillfully synthesized not only all of his wisdom, experience, and training, he has also woven in everything that he has learned from some of the world’s most successful business leaders… and you walk away with one of the most comprehensive, business building resource manuals. The content is worth literally millions in new revenue.

Scott Keffer, CEO Scott Keffer International 

ToddDuncan“The HPF is simply amazing. I’ve been a speaker & mentor for 20 years and I can’t believe how much I learned. The business plan I wrote based on Darren’s ideas will add 10M in annual revenue to our business. I already implemented one idea that produced $45,000 in sales that day.”

Todd Duncan, CEO and Founder of The Duncan Group 



Discover what iconic entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Michael Dell, Charles Schwab, Howard Schultz and others deem responsible for creating billions of dollars in revenue and personal net worth. These are the very best market-proven ideas, systems and strategies that power the best organizations and success stories in the world.

You will walk away with a complete strategic plan for multiplying profits in your business.

JasonPero“Thanks to Darren and the HPF, I finally closed the biggest deal of my life so far. Yesterday my wife and I closed a $4,750,000 deal which basically doubled the value of our real estate company. We are thrilled! I would say my investment in HPF paid off.”

 Jason Pero, Owner at Pero Real Estate LLC

Joe Kadaf“In less than 3 months from attending the HPF,  I have been able to increase our sales by 34% which has added thousands to our bottom line.  The event paid for itself before my plane landed as I implemented several ideas before I left California. The rest of the year is now exciting as I realized an increase of $240K+ and the potential is unlimited.”

 Joe Kadaf, Owner at Remax Leading Edge 

JohnM“I literally utilize daily and share with my Team MANY of the lessons learned in HPF. Results-My initial store grew over 50% in 2013, opened our second retail location in November, Team Sales are off the charts, and I am launching a consulting business. Life is good and the curve is accelerating.

 John Moore, Owner at Legends 



No more guesswork. The issues, ideas and challenges around growing a business can be overwhelming, if not perplexing. Through this process you will know exactly what to do (and not do), and what steps to make (and not make) to significantly and successfully grow your business. This absolute clarity will be enormously liberating, energizing and empowering.

You will have a renewed sense of purpose, focus and passion about your business. This will have a ripple effect throughout your entire businesses and every relationship you touch.

GlennBill“The HPF forum was the perfect setting for me to recalibrate, re-prioritize, and refocus my lens from where and how I view my business. I expect the impact it will have on my revenue will be $1 Million.

Glenn Bill, President at GB Unlimited

“Having been in business for 29 years, I found myself in a rut – stale and stuck – non-enthusiastic. Darren gave me the injection needed to re-vitalize, re-engage, re-do my commitment to myself, my employees, and my customer. With the re-engagement, I know I can triple my business to $3M by 2014.”

Eloise Gonzalez, President and Founder at Commercial Interior Contractors, Corp. 

“Since getting back my energy levels have been through the roof and the focus I have again for my business has absolutely amazed my business partner. He told me “I haven’t seen you like this in 2 years! I have accomplished more in two weeks than the last 6 months. This FORUM has kick started my life and given me a purpose. I needed this, it is the best thing that ever could have happened to me at this crossroads of my life and that is priceless.”

Bill Stuart, CEO/Stuart & Associates Inc. ($2+ million retail and manufacture consulting firm)



Everyone knows it’s not (just) what you know, but who you know. Where can you become deeply connected with highly successful owners/CEOs who are willing to confidentially share and exchange their best ideas, tips and strategies for success? At the HIGH-PERFORMANCE FORUM.

Inside each FORUM is at least one relationship (if not many) that can connect you to millions of dollars of future profits you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

“The HPF 3-day intensive exceeded my expectation in every single way. The strategies, methods, processes Darren shared with us will generate $2.5 million in new revenue during the next 12 months for our company. HPF was also an outstanding opportunity to meet exceptional people – future friends – and business partners who will challenge and push me further.”

 Stephen Woessner, CEO Predictive ROI, Inc.

LandonTaylor“The HPF group gave me the ability to leverage in 2.5 days what it would have taken me 5 years to find out on my own.  I walked away with the framework, tools and additional “high value” relationships that will multiply my revenue and net profits by a factor of 3x at minimum.”

 Landon Taylor, Founder & Chief Vision Officer at Wealth Triangle LLC

JimHIlburn“I have been re-energized about my business and have been provided with a complete tool kit to fill in the gaps in our operation. The only thing that surpassed the content was the other HPF members! I learned so much from each person.

 Jim Hilburn, Owner at The Cleaning Authority



The HIGH-PERFORMANCE FORUM is an environment where high achievement is expected and delivered on. This environment will have a transformative impact on your perspective, attitude and mindset.

Being a part of the FORUM will embolden you and elevate your confidence, as well as give you access to the knowledge, resources and contacts you need to achieve your big, hairy, audacious goals.

Your game will be raised and you will operate at a higher level—one you could not have achieved on your own.

PaulRushforth“I am a seminar junkie, this was easily the best seminar of my life. The information was relevant and will allow me to add millions to my bottom line. I thought my business was successful coming here. I can now, take a step back and grow a business worth owning. Darren and Georgia are beautiful, warm, intelligent, generous people who have given me a new lease on life. This was the best education anyone could get!.”

Paul Rushforth, Owner at Paul Rushforth Real Estate, Inc.

KathleenLin-HurtubiseCrop“The 2.5 day course provided an excellent idea tool box to change up areas of my growing business. What I learned will add $1M+ to my gross income this year! I am certain my company will become the leader in its field as my team and I implement just some of the ideas presented.”

Kat Lin-Hurtubise, CEO Gourmet Events Hawaii



Throughout the year the very best success resources are shared with members of the FORUM, including the very best ideas and tools from each FORUM member.

You will have access to the best ideas, resources and key contacts needed to propel your business beyond what you previously thought possible.

“This was a mind blowing experience for me. I have met amazing HPF people and I’m sure some will become lifelong friends. I have over 10 companies but I am not as successful as I should be because not running them properly. Darren has provided me tools and knowledge to enable me reach my goals and dreams.”

 Roy Coughlan, MatchPointNetwork (Franchise consulting firm)

JerryMeekCrop“HPF is a blueprint for success in my life and my business. If I am not able to add 25-50 million in revenue, I did not use all the tools in my toolbox.”

Jerry Meek, President & Owner Desert Star Construction



Each member will shares with the rest of the FORUM their best skills, strategic insights and/or developed success advantage. The genius pool of knowledge, talent and experience contained in the 25 members of the FORUM is incredible. When each member shares the single best insight responsible for their success, the collection becomes priceless.

The experience of 25 accomplished achievers, all brought together by Darren Hardy, is worth many times the price of admission.

“Without doubt I will turn my investment in time and money on the HPF into $500,000 profit within 12months. The systems and tools provided are a fast track to peak performance that will benefit me and my organization for life. The value of connecting with the other HPF members will be immeasurable.”

Jamie Stewart , Kleeneze, ($90+ million U.K. direct selling company)

“My learning’s and contacts from attending HPF could increase my business by over 10 million dollars in the next two years and the next 60 days will instantly give me a 10 times ROI on the cost of this event. The value of the connections could be worth over 1 million alone!”

Paul Niccum, Range Inc. ($10+ million Business-to-business-to-consumer marketing firm)

Rodgaston“Darren has an amazing ability to crystallize invaluable fundamental success principles into a total action blueprint. It’s like Googling success and getting best proven ideas and strategies into 2 ½ days of cliff notes. And our HPF group was terrific – willing to share ideas that made their business success. Great friendships.”

Rod Gaston, CEO/Broker at BLB Resources 



Your vision will be expanded and the audacity of your goals bolstered by learning the strategies that have powered the great successes of other companies. You will have greater confidence in achieving your goals and creating your own success. Meeting and getting to know others who are playing at your level (or much, much higher) will encourage your big thinking and creative ideation. You’ll know what to do to become a game changer in your industry.

The biggest impact is, in fact, the one most indescribable: You will be changed on the inside and that will change what’s possible for you and your business forever.

Christian“I can honestly say that the HPF was the single biggest event that I have ever experienced. It is most definitely the major contributing factor in our 200% increase in sales and most successful year of my business.”

Christian Dodge, CEO at Electrical Concepts, Inc. 

ShaneReid“I just closed a $800k deal utilizing one of the strategies learned from the HPF. For me, I really see this just beginning and the 5X will easily reach 10X then to 100X and so on overtime.”

Shane Reid, Co-Owner and VP of Operations at Reid Engineering

AdamContos“I walked in not knowing how much I could learn from this one seminar and was completely blown away by the results. I anticipate the impact it will have on my revenue will be an increase of 15-20%, we will make millions!”

Adam Contos, Vice President of RE/MAX LLC

And all of this is (essentially) FREE—your return on investment is guaranteed. If someone handed you $100,000 in added profits to your business, would you exchange that for $10,000? It would not only make your $10,000 investment free, but it would produce a return of ten times. That is what getting access to membership in the HIGH-PERFORMANCE FORUM will deliver for you. If after the two and a half day intensive workshop you don’t believe this to be certain, you will be refunded all your money. Plain and simple.

You have the personal guarantee of Darren Hardy. If you don’t believe this workshop will produce a ten-times return on investment for you and your business, you will receive a complete refund. 

To be considered for a future FORUM, inquire further here.