The HIGH-PERFORMANCE FORUM is a private master class on business enterprise building.

Designed and delivered personally by Darren Hardy, today’s most preeminent Success Mentor, this private master class is engineered specifically for entrepreneurs and business leaders committed to building high-growth, high-impact & high-performance companies.

Consider this…

What if you could be mentored by Elon Musk of Tesla and Reed Hastings Netflix on how you can become the game-changer in your industry?

What if Howard Schultz of Starbucks and Phil Knight of Nike would mentor you on how to position and build your brand?

What if you had access to the methods Steve Jobs used to build up a rabid desire for his products prior to launch and the mechanisms used to create Apple’s cult-like loyal following?

What if Richard Branson could help you scope out a PR plan that would shock your competition and amaze your marketplace?

What if you could get Jack Welch and Mark Zuckerberg to share their insights and systems for attracting, vetting and drawing the best out of A-player talent?

That’s just the beginning.

What would that type of mentorship be worth to you? How could that affect your future? Your ability to be a leader in your marketplace? To be a hero to your family, to your community? To all clients, marketplace, and community you want to impact?

How much would you have to pay for that kind of mentorship? To gain the highly coveted, and often untold secrets on how the most successful people in the world did it? Taken directly from their playbooks. Insights shared only in closed door interviews, private discussions and deep research inside their companies. Collected insights most business leaders do not have. Insights your competition doesn’t have, but you could gain access to.

What would that be worth? Where could you possibly get your hands on it?

They are all right here. In this manual.


This summary report of Darren’s  journey as a central business leader in the success industry over the past 20+ years. A journey taking him to most every corner office, conference room, hotel suite and personal home of the world’s greatest business leaders of our time.

The HPF manual compresses every key insight, tool, system and strategy proven to work (in every size enterprise) the 300 critical impact points to building and sustaining a high-growth and high-performing business enterprise.

The High-Performance Forum is only one place you can get that private mentoring and your hands on this playbook to help you become the industry transformer, community game-changer and market authority you desire to be.

This is NOT a personal development seminar and is NOT material that can be found in any of Darren’s other books, programs or workshops.

This intensive BUSINESS enterprise building master class is focused on three areas:

1) Breakthrough sales and marketing strategies.

2) Recruiting A-level talent and leading a high-performance team.

3) Systems and strategic planning for hyper-growth development.

Membership into the HIGH-PERFORMANCE FORUM is by selection.

To be considered for a future FORUM, inquire further here.