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This is your chance to be mentored 1-on-1 by preeminent Success Mentor Darren Hardy and mastermind with other high-performance business owners.

NOTE: This is not for everyone. You must be ready to embrace incredible change, challenge, improvement and success over the following 12 months.

Become a member of the exclusive HIGH-PERFORMANCE FORUM, a private masterminding experience for  business leaders and entrepreneurs led by Success Mentor, Darren Hardy. About Darren

This is NOT a personal development seminar.
This is an intensive BUSINESS enterprise building program focused on the breakthrough strategies to create a high-growth, high-impact and high-performing company.

Learn the proven strategies and systems used by the world’s greatest business leaders and high-growth organizations compressed into a highly concentrated learning experience.

Imagine if you had been given the chance to be mentored directly by Napoleon Hill, a former editor of SUCCESS magazine and author of renowned book Think and Grow Rich. Through Andrew Carnegie, Hill was given unprecedented access to interview, study and learn from the greatest industrialists and world leaders of the time.

As a central leader in the success industry for over twenty years, having led three success television networks and the rebirth of SUCCESS magazine as publisher and editor, Darren Hardy has had that same unprecedented access. No one alive today has spent more time studying, interviewing and learning from the greatest achievers of our time. It is only in the HIGH-PERFORMANCE FORUM where Darren teaches many of these success strategies and secrets to other business owners.

You are now given this exclusive opportunity to be part of this private mentorship engagement with Darren Hardy.

Each FORUM is a hand-selected small group where you will connect and collaborate with other highly ambitious and successful business owners sharing valuable resources, contacts and success insights all year long.

Over the next 12 months, you will multiply the growth, revenue and profits of your business—guaranteed*

This is a once-in-a-lifetime business acceleration opportunity unlike anything else available in the world. Learn 8 Outcomes

ToddDuncan“The HPF is simply amazing. I’ve been a speaker & mentor for 20 years and I can’t believe how much I learned. The business plan I wrote based on Darren’s ideas will add 10M in annual revenue to our business. I already implemented one idea that produced $45,000 in sales that day.”

 Todd Duncan, CEO and Founder of The Duncan Group

MariSmithCrop“Total value, absolute minimum is 10 million dollars in my business… Darren is the master synthesizer, and really just having a linear process that I can wrap my arms around is awesome.

Mari Smith, CEO Mari Smith International, Inc.

Dave Liniger“I have been attending and teaching seminars for fifty years and it was the best I have ever seen!! The information was incredible. This was the best seminar I have ever been to.”

Dave Liniger, Founder & Chairman RE/MAX Worldwide

This IS for you if…

  • You are the CEO or business owner of an enterprise projected to do at least $1 million in revenue over the next 12 months.
  • You are serious about significantly growing your business, becoming a market leader and instituting excellence across your organization.
  • You feel like you’ve reached a plateau and need a spark of inspiration from like-minded entrepreneurs like yourself.
  • You are ready to learn or refine the specific skills, strategies and systems to be a highly successful leader running a high-growth company.
  • You are willing to contribute to the FORUM as much value as you will derive from it.

This IS NOT for you if…

  • You are not a C-level executive or business owner with the minimum projected revenue qualification.
  • You question the value of investing in yourself or your business to learn what it takes to take your business and success to the next level.
  • You think you already know everything to sustainably dominate your marketplace.
  • You are not willing to share ideas, resources and valued connections with other trusted and quality business leaders.


“When I first read Compound Effect I was blown away by the fundamentals shared to achieve success. It was an A-Z roadmap on how to be made successful in life. HPF was life taking principles of The Compound Effect and putting them on steroids for your business!”

 Cody Foster, Co-Founder and Owner at Advisors Excel


“Wow! The HPF is one laser focused, growth producing event! I would definitely recommend this to my colleagues. Value=priceless.

Misty Lown, Owner & Director at Misty’s Dance Unlimited ($1 million dance school)

Rodgaston“Darren has an amazing ability to crystallize invaluable fundamental success principles into a total action blueprint. Our HPF group was terrific – willing to share ideas that made their business success. Great friendships.”

Rod Gaston, CEO/Broker at BLB Resources

Format of the FORUM:

  • Initiated by a two and half-day intensive workshop in La Jolla, California
  • Membership-only access to exclusive success resources and business development tools
  • Online idea masterminding and key contact sharing

More about Schedule | Questions & Answers

Content and collaboration focus:

  • Breakthrough sales and marketing strategies
  • Business leadership and creating a high-performance culture in your company
  • Systems and strategic planning needed to support hyper-growth

More about Results  |  More about Outcomes

bradpederson“As an entrepreneur; this was the most complete, comprehensive and thought provoking exercise that I have ever participated in, that has brought clarity into what really matters in achieving real and sustained success for my enterprise. I feel that I was given a unique opportunity to be a part of an elite group that has been exposed to something very special.”

Brad Pedersen, President Tech 4 Kids, Inc ($20+ million toy designer and manufacturer) 

ScottKefferCrop“The HPF has to be one of his crowning achievements. Darren has skillfully synthesized not only all of his wisdom, experience, and training, he has also woven in everything that he has learned from some of the world’s most successful business leaders. The content is worth literally millions in new revenue.”

Scott Keffer, CEO Scott Keffer International

QpPSuj-o6u5XxG8rj1igD2SWU_YWpPtJWZ8UJptr2ek“My learning’s and contacts from attending HPF could increase my business by over 10 million dollars in the next two years and the next 60 days will instantly give me a 10 times ROI on the cost of this event. The value of the connections could be worth over 1 million alone!”

Paul Niccum, Range Inc. ($10+ million Business-to-business-to-consumer marketing firm)

*The guarantee.
If at the end of the first day of the two and half-day intensive workshop you don’t think you get at least a three-times return on investment of the annual membership fee, you can hand in your materials, excuse yourself from the session, and you will be reimbursed your membership fee and given an extra $1,000 for travel expenses.

If at the end of the two and half-day intensive workshop you don’t think you will realize a ten-times return on investment of the annual membership fee, hand in your materials on site and you will be reimbursed your complete membership fee.

How can I make this guarantee? Read the results

TomFerryCrop“There’s people that make you feel good, and there’s people that challenge you to be extraordinary. And I want to thank you for challenging myself and this group. For really stepping up our game.

Tom Ferry, CEO and Founder at

“Get your butt on a plane and get to the next one Darren holds! The people and knowledge you will meet and attain are worth 100 times the price! I have met friends here I will have for a lifetime…and they sincerely care about my success, as I do theirs. Awesome!”

 David Long, Owner/CEO Special Engraving, Wilmington, NC 

If you qualify (see above), gaining membership is now self-selection.

It takes stepping forward.
Believing in yourself, your business and your greater future.
If you do, success, growth and a ROI is guaranteed.

One of the most important attributes observed of those who become extraordinarily successful is they are decisive.
If presented with an opportunity, they act—immediately.

With the evidence of results from previous FORUM members and the audacious, zero-risk guarantee, if you have to think about it, this is probably not for you.
No hard feelings, really.

The power in your hands.
Decide. Act. Or don’t.
The choice is yours. Now.

To be considered for a future FORUM, inquire further here.