Documentation beats conversation. If you wonder whether the membership is worth it, read below. This is just a sampling of the results previous FORUM members have documented. You could be next. INQUIRE FURTHER HERE


Beyond extraordinary! Generous! Highly impactful! A MUST for every entrepreneur who is in pursuit of excellence and game changing strategies for themselves, their team, and their organization. Darren sets the bar to an entirely new level and I’m confident that the strategies presented will undoubtedly make a dramatic difference in ALL areas of my life.”

Raji Sankar, CEO Wholesome International

This experience was invaluable. My head is exploding with ideas that I’m confident will add millions of dollars in incremental revenue to our business in the next few years.”

Tom Shapiro, CEO at Stratabeat, Inc.

I feel as if I have been handed the keys to the golden kingdom! It’s up to me now to use those keys and I have no doubt that I will look back at this experience as a powerful, pivotal, and defining moment in my journey. ”

Rachel Lebensohn, Founder/CEO PNE Co., Seyopa

This was one of the most powerful business focused and strategic events I’ve ever experienced! It transcended one particular industry, profession, etc. and provided applicable information that can easily be put into play. ”

Ciji Siddons, Network Marketing Business Mentor & Success Speaker

HPF was both an eye opener and game changer. I have an MBA that cost me far more than the cost of HPF, but the value of HPF far exceeds the cost of my university education. I am walking away with a business blueprint that will contribute millions of dollars in revenue. I feel equipped to go out and CRUSH IT

Cheryl Mauldin, CEO & President, Independent Healthcare Consultant

This event has given me an awakening of possibilities– actually realities- for my business. I have a gold mine under my feet and with applying I believe I could 2-10x my bottom line. As my personal development journey continues, and now with the experience I had at HPF, I am equipped to become EXCELLENT!

Carolyn Ferrall, CEO at Total Cover

The decision to come here was hard. Your money back guarantee was a bold and clear indication that this was the next place to grow, but for some reason I kept struggling with the idea. Now I know, it was fear. Thank you and your team for helping me break my own threshold. I am absolutely certain this will have a tremendous positive impact in my business and ultimately my family.”

Eugino Guiterrez

You’d be crazy to not invest in yourself and learn from the best! Darren Hardy has invested so much into this program and certainly follows through on providing ALL the tools, systems, resources and guidance you need to truly Be the Exception!”

Chuck Osterhaus, President Thermo-Temp, Inc.

Over the last few days I received my Marketing Degree from HPF 18! The learning was simple and complete. The content was exactly what we needed in my business to move us to the next level.”

Troy Rackley, President, Next Level of Performance, LLC

I walked into HPF nervous and fearful of my 10K investment. I walked out with 100’s of millions of revenue in my hands, WOW!”

Tony Johal, Owner/Broker of Record at RE/MAX

At first I questioned if the cost for this forum would be worth it. WRONG! Not coming would have been a huge mistake. Darren is a fantastic communicator and the powerful ideas are going to generate substantial profits for me and others who attended.”

Chet Beiler, CEO Amish Country Gazebos

I came to HPF wide-eyed and nervous that I might be too small a business to participate. I leave here embracing my true self and now a Big Business Owner! I have everything I need to experience a quantum leap in my business. I foresee a 10x increase.”

Pamela Wigglesworth, International Speaker, Marketing Consultant & Managing Director

I have been through HPF twice now and have been blown away both times. I truly needed to re-up and rejuvenate my skills. Having my wife and partner experience it too has gotten me that much closer to a milepost on the journey.”

Chris Mengel, Managing Partner, Peak Realty Associates

HPF was the kick in the butt I needed in order to become a better leader! It reminded me of all the vital things a leader should be doing, that we often times forget are incredibly valuable, but HPF got me back on track! All of the sales and marketing strategies will help me make my business a power player in my marketplace!”

Michael Kara, RE/MAX Agent

“For years I have studied the concepts from The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster and The Compound Effect as well as emotional intelligence and other similar concepts. I have rinsed and repeated my brain to exhaustion. I knew coming in to HPF that I had a great handle on those concepts, but I had no idea how much better I could grasp them in order to make a direct impact on my business and my ability to lead. HPF is invaluable!”

Tim Everson, President of Sitespan, LLC

The rinse and repeat has helped me see what I have done right since my first experience at HPF 10. The timing is right for me to play a much bigger game from here on out!”

Steve VanDyke, Owner and founder of Tool Technologies by Van Dyke

This event and content has given me hope for a greater vision, a bigger life, and more impact than I had been dreaming of prior to coming. I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on consultants in my industry but I am so glad I stepped outside my industry to raise my reference group. I can’t wait to report my results! I have a lump in my throat due to the gratitude I feel for the value HPF has added to my life.”

Aaron Sparks, Business owner at Superior Healthcare Physical Therapy

At the end of the first day I called my wife and business partner to thank them for the opportunity to attend HPF. At the end of the program all I could say was I want more! This has been by far the best investment I have made in myself and I am excited to see how far it will take me. I’m confident it will be more than I’ve ever dreamed of. Looking forward to excelling with everyone around me!”

Itay Guy, RE/MAX Agent and Owner of K&G Realty Services

HPF, more than any other seminar or training, has had a true and measurable impact on me as a leader and on my business. It has inspired me to up my game and provided me with a simple guide to do just that. Thank you and WOW!

Chad Tompkins, CEO West Texas Consultants

“Coming into HPF, I thought I already knew marketing, sales and team building, after having built two companies from the ground up, but I was blown away by how much I had yet to learn! The content was filled with more game changing ideas then I ever expected and I can’t wait to implement everything I learned!”

Rachel Cosgrove, Owner of Results Fitness, author of The Female Body Breakthrough, Women’s Health Columnist and Nike Performance Expert

HPF is a TOTAL game changer! I’ve never been to such a content rich seminar or workshop where the presentation was also on point! The content and lessons learned are invaluable. The principles on marketing, sales, and team building implemented in my business will undoubtedly, significantly increase both revenue and margin.”

Kevin Ortner, CEO of Renters Warehouse

“HPF was the best combination of content and presentation I have ever experienced. I wanted to leave several times so I could go start implementing, but each section was as good or better than the past one. This was exactly what I needed to execute the massive vision I have for NAHREP.”

Gary Acosta, CEO and Co-Founder to NAHREP- National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals

“Hearing it for a second time was excellent & bringing my General Manager with me was the BEST decision because now we have a shared language and we can implement DOUBLE the ideas, DOUBLE as fast!

Mandy McVeigh, Owner of Brookfield Center for the Arts

This event far exceeded my expectations. I have attended many conferences both personal and business and have never been involved in such an enriching workshop. To be in the presence of other like-minded individuals to propel and encourage me makes such a difference. In the first day, I made four contacts that I know will be lifelong and life changing!”

Lynne Lavers, Owner of Optimal Health Management

I have been hiring coaches and mentors for over 30 years. This was the best organized with actionable material I have ever attended. The effect on my team, my patients, my wife and family can not be measured. Darren, you make a difference.

Dr. John Chrispens, Newport Beach Periodontal Office Owner

“I was skeptical about the value I’d receive and quite honestly, I had looked at the money back guarantee as a possible out. However, upon the first 1/2 day, I feel I had gotten my money’s worth and was powerfully energized to move forward. There is no doubt that this year I will see a 30x return on this investment!

Jay Irwin, CEO at CBST Adventures

“HPF was an amazing experience that will result in millions of dollars added to my bottom line in the next 12 months alone. Each idea is priceless. I can’t wait to get started. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

Kelly Hatfield, Owner of Enginuity Group

“This event has been a game changer for me. I have some ambitious goals in business, but after working in my business for the last 5 years, there was a disconnect between where I wanted to go and goals I wanted to achieve and how I would actually achieve them. I am now back on track and looking forward to a bright future. I anticipate sales doubling in six months, and I know growth will be exponential as a result of the path of potential growth started by this event.”

Sean Wellington, Director at L. P. Martin’s Funeral Homes

This experience has completely altered the way I see my business! I’m excited to see the transformation. I have no doubt the strategies learned in HPF will result in multiple 7 figure increases in revenue.”

Renee Inman, Managing Partner at Bottom Line, LLC

“The amount of energy and anxiousness to get busy taking action on what I’ve learned at HPF literally has my hands shaking. I’m refocused and ready to multiply the revenue of my business by 3 times within 6 months. More exciting than that is the feeling that a future of hundreds of millions in revenue is achievable. Thank you, Darren.”

Andy Wash, CEO, Moving Sites LLC

“The people make this amazing experience exponentially greater. The content was great, the team was great and the people just awesome. The experience at HPF was transformative. I have met life long friends (anticipated at least). I have learned processes and techniques that will have 100x impact. I expect to see at least a $3M bump in revenue during the next 60 days.

Jay Duebler, Vice President of Sales at Avalara

“The specific strategies I learned here will not only bring in huge revenue to my company, but are also laid out in a way that shows you how easy they are to implement. We will begin executing new ideas immediately upon returning home, and I expect to recoup our investment within 1-2 weeks and exceed revenue goals this year tremendously!”

Ally Murphy, General Manager of Brookfield Center for the Arts

The strategies I learned here will help us more than double revenue over the next 12 months. Total value of HPF = $1,000,000 +/12 mo. This was a great experience!

Ken Lambie, Owner of Lambie Engineering

My husband and I had a choice to attend a similar 2.5 day forum this very same weekend; We chose Darren and HPF… We chose wisely!!! Darren is the sharpest knife in the drawer. And the whole team is fabulous! ”

Ginger Mitchell, President of Reverse Mortgage USA


I fully expect to 10x my revenue within a couple years. I would highly recommend any startups to come to this to learn how to build your business right the first time. Thank you for this once in a lifetime opportunity, Darren!”

Dustin Taylor, Founding Partner of Biz Ingenuity LLC

I was really anxious about spending the money on attending – we are 2 small companies with a combined total of $500,000. But I have no concerns about earning the money back tenfold. Now I am ready to expand beyond the one city to nationally. Thanks for the inspiration and tools to make it possible.”

Chandon Thorell, Owner of Specific Fitness/After COOL Fitness

I now see a path towards becoming a $100mm+ company. I didn’t suffer for great ideas, intentions and brands. I suffered from a lack of focus on the right things. I don’t anymore.”

Gerry Hays, Founder & CEO of DinnerCall


I’m so inspired and helped by Darren Hardy’s example of a leader and entrepreneur who “practices what he preaches.” How powerful! I am transformed as a person, leader and entrepreneur because of the materials, training, experiences and inspiration I’ve received. I feel equipped and confident to grow my business now in ways I hadn’t imagined before.”

Deborah Metroka, Owner of Metroka Counseling Services PC

“This was an unbelieveable, transformative event! I am new at this business growing, but I would conservatively say this is a 100% increase to the bottom line. I am forever grateful for not only what this has done for myself and my business, but my family as well.”

Dr. George Browne, Owner of Bless You Allergy and Asthma

Dave Liniger“I have been attending and teaching seminars for fifty years and it was the best I have ever seen!! The information was incredible. This was the best seminar I have ever been to.”

Dave Liniger, Founder & Chairman RE/MAX Worldwide

JasonPero“Thanks to Darren and the HPF, I finally closed the biggest deal of my life so far. Yesterday my wife and I closed a $4,750,000 deal which basically doubled the value of our real estate company. We are thrilled! I would say my investment in HPF paid off.”

Jason Pero, Owner at Pero Real Estate LLC

Moore“I literally utilize daily and share with my Team MANY of the lessons learned in HPF. Results-My initial store grew over 50% in 2013, opened our second retail location in November, Team Sales are off the charts, and I am launching a consulting business. Life is good and the curve is accelerating.”

John Moore, Owner at Legends

MarcS“I have been a serial entrepreneur for 36 years and your ELITE experience was not only FULL of inspiration and an opportunity to rejuvenate… I have also made millions of dollars implementing what I gained from your curriculum! Thanks again for for all you do!”

Marc Sparks, Timber Creek Capital, HPF1 Alumni

Dave Gallegos“That was easily the best professional investment I’ve made in myself and my business. I made 100% of my investment back by lunch on the 1st day. $4 million will be added to my revenue because of HPF.”

Dave Gallegos, Sr. Vice President/Branch Manager at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

ToddDuncan“The HPF is simply amazing. I’ve been a speaker & mentor for 20 years and I can’t believe how much I learned. The business plan I wrote based on Darren’s ideas will add 10M in annual revenue to our business. I already implemented one idea that produced $45,000 in sales that day.”

Todd Duncan, CEO and Founder of The Duncan Group

ChristianDodge2“I can honestly say that the HPF was the single biggest event that I have ever experienced. It is most definitely the major contributing factor in our 200% increase in sales and most successful year of my business.”

Christian Dodge, Owner Electrical Concepts, Inc.

Joe Kadaf“In less than 3 months from attending the HPF, I have been able to increase our sales by 34% which has added thousands to our bottom line. The event paid for itself before my plane landed as I implemented several ideas before I left California. The rest of the year is now exciting as I realized an increase of $240K+ and the potential is unlimited.”

Joe Kadaf, Owner at Remax Leading Edge

MariSmithCrop“Total value, absolute minimum is 10 million dollars in my business… Darren is the master synthesizer, and really just having a linear process that I can wrap my arms around is awesome.

Mari Smith, CEO Mari Smith International, Inc.

AndyFiler2“The HPF gave me the mindset and tools to double our business in 2014 adding $1.25MM in gross profit this year alone. Specifically, my eyes were opened to the leader I need to become.”

Andy Filer, President & Founder at Berkshire Home Solutions

PaulRushforth“I am a seminar junkie, this was easily the best seminar of my life. The information was relevant and will allow me to add millions to my bottom line. I thought my business was successful coming here. I can now, take a step back and grow a business worth owning. I have a new lease on life. This was the best education anyone could get!”

Paul Rushforth, Owner of Paul Rushforth Real Estate, Inc.

KathleenLin-HurtubiseCrop“The 2.5 day course provided an excellent idea tool box to change up areas of my growing business. What I learned will add $1M+ to my gross income this year! I am certain my company will become the leader in its field as my team and I implement just some of the ideas presented.”

Kat Lin-Hurtubise, CEO Gourmet Events Hawaii

ShaneReid“I just closed an $800K deal utilizing one of the strategies learned from the HPF. For me, I really see this as the beginning and the 5X will easily reach 10X then to 100X and so on overtime.

Shane Reid, Co-Owner an VP of Operations at Reid Engineering

Eric Douay“The HPF was definitely a game changer to grow my business exponentially. The clarity and certainty drawn from that unique experience will undeniably add at least a half million to my bottom-line this year and over 2 million in the next two years.”

Eric Douay, President of D-TOUR MARKETING Inc

ShaneStott“The impact the HPF will have on my revenue will be $500K in 9 months and $3M in two years!! Join this course and save yourself a lifetime of frustration. Get the wisdom of the greatest leaders that have ever lived, from the most trusted source in business, Darren Hardy.”

Shane Stott, CEO Walker Tape Co.

LauriGallegos“Having now had both my husband and I complete this course we will be able to grow our business TOGETHER. We now share priceless knowledge that will certainly shoot us to the top of our industry.”

Laurie Gallegos, Owner at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

ScottKefferCrop“The HPF has to be one of his crowning achievements. Darren has skillfully synthesized not only all of his wisdom, experience, and training, he has also woven in everything that he has learned from some of the world’s most successful business leaders. The content is worth literally millions in new revenue.

Scott Keffer, CEO Scott Keffer International

Jim black“My business changed dramatically for the better after attending my first HPF. Now I expect the same positive, powerful change again. I am so excited to see the impact my second HPF will have on my business. I am definitely a believer in going more than once!”

Jim Black, Owner/Mortgage Expert at DLC Mortgage Excellence

AdamContos“I walked in not knowing how much I could learn from this one seminar and was completely blown away by the results. I anticipate the impact it will have on my revenue will be an increase of 15-20%, we will make millions!

Adam Contos, Vice President of RE/MAX LLC

TimFoster“The HPF was two and a half days of learning that provides the roadmap to doubling my net operating income this year. I could not have spent this part of my life in a more powerful way.”

Tim Foster, President at Network Management Services

stephenW“Within 3 weeks we got a 10x ROI on the HPF registration fee and we will add over $5 million in new revenue during the next 12-months!”

Stephen Woessner, CEO Predictive ROI, Inc.

DianeGaddis“Though I’m confident the financial impact from attending HPF will surpass $1M over the next year, the lifelong impact is immeasurable. I encourage anyone who wants to excel in their business and in life to study Darren Hardy and his success teachings.”

Diane Gaddis, CEO at Community Health Centers Alliance, Inc.

JRoche“This was the best investment I have ever made in myself, my family, my company and the lives we positively impact! I am 100% confident we will also hit the $10M in revenue and $6M in profits due to what Darren taught me at HPF.”

Jonathan Roche, Founder | Breakthrough Health & Wellness Solutions, Inc.

RobertSchwartz“Over the years, I’ve been a part of some very high level business development workshops and coaching programs. HPF was by far more impactful than any other program! The material is priceless. I will wholeheartedly endorse your knowledge and material to anyone.”

Bob Schwartz Jr., Founder and owner of SuperSuds Management, LLC

Billbackus“If you are on the fence about whether to attend, get off the fence NOW! Hope you get there before your competitors.”

Bill Backus, Owner at A&M Aquatics

Stacey Alcorn“If you aspire to greatness, you need Darren Hardy. Would you hire Napoleon Hill to learn how to Think & Grow Rich? Then you should hire Darren to learn success.”

Stacy Alcorn, Creator of REACH! I CEO Mentor at P3 Coaching & Training


TomFerryCrop“There’s people that make you feel good, and there’s people that challenge you to be extraordinary. And I want to thank you for challenging myself and this group. For really stepping up our game.”

Tom Ferry, CEO and Founder at

GlennBill“The HPF forum was the perfect setting for me to recalibrate, re-prioritize, and refocus my lens from where and how I view my business. I expect the impact it will have on my revenue will be $1 Million.

Glenn Bill, President at GB Unlimited

JerryMeekCrop“The HPF is a blueprint for success in my life and my business. If I am not able to add 25-50 million in revenue, I did not use all the tools in my toolbox.”

Jerry Meek, President & Owner Desert Star Construction

ChrisHb“Masterminding with like-minded entrepreneurs that challenge, encourage and drive you to be your absolute best is unlike any experience I have ever had. In the future, when I look back at my life, my time with the Elite will shine as the turning point that drove me to a greater level of success, passion and prosperity.

Chris Hobart, Founder Hobart Financial Group, HPF3 Alumni

DanTrinidad“This event was the most amazing 2 ½ days I’ve spent looking at my business in 25 years! Darren challenges us to be extraordinary! I’m confident that the knowledge that I’ve gained will result in 10x growth for my business.”

Dan Trinidad, CEO at Partners Mortgage

Pete Gilfillan“The HPF experience was amazing and life changing! What I learned in these two and a half days will transform me as an individual, leader, and business owner. The ideas shared will allow me to double the revenue of my business! Bottom line, the HPF is one of my most valued treasures

Pete Gilfillan, Owner at Winning Franchise Solutions

Robert HUdgens“I’ve been to dozens of seminars and have studied hundreds of “experts”, but never have I had all of the most pertinent information and lessons given to me in a concise, executable way. I can easily see that implementing 3 of the top ideas can increase my revenue 2-4x over the next 1-2 years.”

Robert Hudgens, Founder at Hudgens Health Solutions, Inc.

Steve Gentile“This experience was amazing! The fundamental business concepts I learned will enable me to build a solid foundation and catapult structures and strategies for unlimited business growth. This has been such a mind shifting experience for my personal and business life.”

Steve Gentile, Owner at Pinpoint Promotions & Printing

Maria Jones“HPF inspired me to be the best leader I can ever be! Based on principles that I learned and relearned, I am planning to double my business with minimum expansion…We learned here in 3 days what other people don’t experience in a year!!!”

Maria Jones, Founder at Maria Jones Law Firm

JP Piercy“The information I learned at the summit will have a massive impact on my business. I now have a game plan on how to tackle the issues that have been holding us back from excellence.”

JP Piercy, VP Merchandising at Mosser’s Shoes

Charline Bucher“There is absolutely no where else to get the ideas and experience from the most successful business owners condensed into these past three days. Just one idea implemented is going to give me no doubt 10X ROI on the cost of the event.”

Charline Bucher, Founding Coach Time As This, LLC

LandonTaylor“The HPF group gave me the ability to leverage in 2.5 days what it would have taken me 5 years to find out on my own. I walked away with the framework, tools and additional “high value” relationships that will multiply my revenue and net profits by a factor of 3x at minimum.”

Landon Taylor, Founder & Chief Vision Officer at Wealth Triangle LLC

hillary kelly“Since the FORUM, my tasks have been geared a lot towards being laser focused at implementing the small things, and it brought me to be asked to be featured in a south Florida magazine. It is a start and has even fueled me more towards the right direction.

Hillary Kelly, Founder Hillary Kelly Fitness.

JimHIlburn“I have been re-energized about my business and have been provided with a complete tool kit to fill in the gaps in our operation. The only thing that surpassed the content was the other HPF members! I learned so much from each person.”

Jim Hilburn, Owner at The Cleaning Authority

Dmitry“I could read 100 books, go to 2000 seminars, but I’ve learned more in these 2 and a half days from Darren and from everybody here. And not only learned but also got the inspiration and ideas of how to implement that.”

Dmitry Buterin, CEO Wild Apricot

ConnellyHayward“So much has changed since HPF1…sooo much! The biggest benefit we have experienced from the HPF is that is laid the groundwork for us to embark on aggressive growth…in short, I have more mental capacity and more time to work ON my business.”

Connelly Hayward, President L. H. Hayward & Co, LLC

JimKabellis“Amazing is the one word that I can come up with. What’s coming up for me is that I think you’ve changed generations for me, for my family and legacy to come.”

Jim Kabellis, Branch Manager Cherry Creek Mortgage

John Paller“HPF was the most complete and authentic seminar that I’ve attended. Having read hundreds of books and listened to dozens of programs, I’d recommend Darren and his work to anyone at any cost.”

John Paller, CEO Lakeshore

JayMchugh“I love the message of marketing to people rather than your product… far the results have been explosive in all my businesses!”

Jay McHugh, Sr. Manager at SendOutCards

“In the two months since attending the High Performance Forum, I have seen astonishing results. I have accomplished more in the past two months than I have in the past two years.”

Stephen Shapiro, Owner and Innovation Evangelist at Innocentive

Greg Hammond“After attending many conferences and participating in several coaching programs, The HPF has proven to be the most transformational for me and my business. I now envision my company and my personal success as being much larger and on a completely different level than before I attended.”

Greg Hammond, President The Kelly Financial Group (Wealth management firm)

VtKnBjt6KkFNAQEEp7PlLVNTVHSfLMQT6cpBlbRE4gM“After attending the HPF, I honestly feel my business could double its revenue in 48 months, sooner even!””

John Schreiber, Creative VP at IDL worldwide

MichelleSchnabel“I feel so blessed to have had this amazing opportunity to surround myself with so much talent and brilliance. This has exceeded every expectation and beyond. I look forward to my future and implementing the great tools shared. ”

Michelle Schnabel, Territory Manager/Consultant Ocular Surface Disease at Tear Science

JaysonLacy“Out of all of the HPFs, I’m certain that no member has regretted the decision to come. The like-minded people that I met has been such an impact on me. The ideas that I will be “unpacking” over the next year and implementing will guarantee me a return that is priceless. Incredible 3 days!”

Jayson Lacy, Owner CE Training Courses, Inc

ArnoldPoncon“This was literally a life-changing experience that will transform the way I run my business forever! The tools, strategies, ideas, and overall wisdom behind the material is INVALUABLE. I have no doubt I will achieve a 3x revenue by the end of this year. Amazing experience!”

Arnold Poncon, Vice-President Simplemente Madera Group

RaquelQuinet“Words can never express the impact this course will have on me, my business, and team. I’m extremely honored to be a part of this experience. I know the ideas that I will execute will create MASSIVE results.”

Raquel Quinet, Owner & Founder at The Results Group Real Estate Team

BenBowers“I was very skeptical that I would learn more than 20% of what I needed, but what I learned affects 100% of my business life and personal life. The value will be 100x the ROI! But the real value is that it will allow me to be able to make a life-long impact on those around me and the people we have the opportunity to touch in regards to their health and their lives!”

Ben Bowers, Owner at Bowers Natural Wellness

TomBalling“I have been in the business for nearly 30 years and have sought out but not found a “true business mentor” until today. Your message, content and style have connected with me in a way that no other influencer has. For this, I will always be grateful. I think I will hold on to “my fork” because I believe the best is yet to come!”

Thomas Balling, Owner at Treasure Coast Irrigation & Landscape, Inc.

ToddBookspan“Darren’s HPF is a game changer. I showed up as a successful business person ready to learn. Darren fed us with a firehose of information, ideas and tools. I’m leaving ready to become a super-achiever by implementing what i’ve learned. The price paid to attend will be a small, small percentage of the future revenue I will earn. Take the leap! Invest in yourself and attend this first class event. ”

Todd Bookspan, Certified Mortgage Planner at Cobalt Mortgage

DanKollefrath“The HPF was a much needed booster shot! An extraordinary way to stimulate and focus on the keys to successful leadership and company building! I anticipate the impact it will have on my revenue will be 100+M.”

Dan Kollefrath, President and Chief Operating Officer at Physician Partners, LLC

TheresaJabbour“Darren walks his talk. He is obviously an expert with his very high level of integrity and passion. The HPF was delivered with real excellence and commitment. Participating in this will have me re-think and restructure my business to be 10x more profitable! ”

Theresa Jabbour, Senior Business Consultant at Mark Kamin & Associates

AnnetteDowdle“The HPF exceeded my expectations, and they were very high. My life will be changed forever due to this incredible experience. I expect my income to increase 10x and my life satisfaction 100x!”

Annette Dowdle, Senior VP at HUB International

ErikReckeweg“Darren completely exceeded my wildest and highest expectations. The aggregate depth of knowledge is equal to an MBA with a psychology degree, all delivered with conviction and passion. Amazing presentation!”

Eric Reckeweg, Managing Partner at Granite Transformations

CarolFroehlich“I’ve been to dozens of seminars, mostly motivational and business. However, Darren’s HPF has surpassed my expectations. I have all the confidence I will increase my revenue and net worth over the next year. Triple of what my company earns, and most important my bottom line profit from it. I have the tools to increase my foundation, my business, and launch my second business with a team I can count on!”

Carol Froehlich, CEO/President A Breath Away Group

JeremyOlivotti“An absolute life changing event. The new friends I’ve made here made the experience even better. The HPF will add $10M to our revenue within 2 years. One of the ideas alone is going to put us to #1 in a specific market. WOW!”

Jeremy Olivotti, Vice President of Pre-Construction at Mid-States Concrete Industries

ShaneSkelley“Darren is exceptional. This 2 ½ day workshop was like cutting through the panama canal rather than going around the horn in South America. I anticipate the impact it will have on my revenue will be 30x. The information will help me in achieving my goals and living a life of being extraordinary!”

Shane Skelley, Owner Skelley Works LLC

AnthonyMinko“This has been one of those defining moments in my life. For years, I will look back and see this forum as a turning point- with respect to my business profitability. But also and more importantly with respect to the meaning and fulfillment that I derive from life!”

Anthony Minko, Founder, Attorney & Counselor at Law Minko Law Office

“Get your butt on a plane and get to the next one Darren holds! The people and knowledge you will meet and attain are worth 100 times the price! I have met friends here I will have for a lifetime…and they sincerely care about my success, as I do theirs. Awesome!”

David Long, Owner/CEO Special Engraving, Wilmington, NC ($8 million company, 12,000 clients)

QpPSuj-o6u5XxG8rj1igD2SWU_YWpPtJWZ8UJptr2ek“My learning’s and contacts from attending HPF could increase my business by over 10 million dollars in the next two years and the next 60 days will instantly give me a 10 times ROI on the cost of this event. The value of the connections could be worth over 1 million alone!”

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Paul Niccum, Range Inc. ($10+ million Business-to-business-to-consumer marketing firm)

“Having been in business for 29 years, I found myself in a rut – stale and stuck – non-enthusiastic. Darren gave me the injection needed to re-vitalize, re-engage, re-do my commitment to myself, my employees, and my customer. With the re-engagement, I know I can triple my business to $3M by 2014.”

Eloise Gonzalez, President and Founder at Commercial Interior Contractors, Corp.

Jeremy“The HPF 3 day intensive shattered my expectations. I calculate that the ideas and actions I am going to take will deliver more than a million dollars in additional revenue to my company.”

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Jeremy Larson, Owner/CEO Deluxe Marketing, Inc. ($18+ million, INC 500 company last two years)

“I am in EO and spend a lot of time with high performers and this event, material and overall experience exceeded my already high expectations. World class from start to finish and more valuable in my opinion than an MBA or 4 yr. marketing degree.”

John Ruhlin, CEO and Founder of The Ruhlin Group

“I always knew there was a ‘system’ to growing a business – and this weekend has given me that tool kit. This weekend will add $1M-$2M to my bottom line – I already know that.”


Geeta Sidhu-Robb, CEO and Founder of Nosh Detox Delivery

“Attending the HPF is one of the top 3 Best Business Decisions I’ve ever made. The content and ideas shared are going to change my business for the by 250%.”

Chris Freytag, Owner/CEO Motivating Bodies, Inc, Minnesota (Health and wellness expert, QVC sales celebrity)

“You cannot put a price on the depth and significance of training and mastermind sharing this weekend. My ROI will be monetized within 30 days and the lifetime value is tens of millions in revenues. My quality of life personally and professionally will now reach the realizations I had for myself and my business. Every CEO across the globe should be mandated to attend this training. Imagine the growth in the global economy if HPF was mandated for every CEO!”

Timothy Feuling, Owner/Publisher at TCJ, President at Feuling International

“Without doubt I will turn my investment in time and money on the HPF into $500,000 profit within 12months. The systems and tools provided are a fast track to peak performance that will benefit me and my organization for life. The value of connecting with the other HPF members will be immeasurable.”

Jamie Stewart , Kleeneze, ($90+ million U.K. direct selling company)

Rodgaston“Darren has an amazing ability to crystallize invaluable fundamental success principles into a total action blueprint. It’s like Googling success and getting best proven ideas and strategies into 2 ½ days of cliff notes. And our HPF group was terrific – willing to share ideas that made their business success. Great friendships.”

Rod Gaston, CEO/Broker at BLB Resources

“Implementing just 3 of the many strategies to my business, I project will grow by 30% this year. Further, the like-mind people I met will be in my speed dial for years to come.”

Stephanie Klein, President/Experience Factor Recruitment Solutions ($3+ million staffing business)

CodyFoster“When I first read Compound Effect I was blown away by the fundamentals shared to achieve success. It was an A-Z roadmap on how to be made successful in life. HPF was life taking principles of The Compound Effect and putting them on steroids for your business!”

Cody Foster, Co-Founder and Owner at Advisors Excel

“Simply put, the most valuable 3 days I’ve spent on personal development. The content and delivery of the content is second to none. This IS going to take my business to a whole other level.”

Joffre Jorgenson, Founder, Stimulate Well Optimization Inc. (Oil & gas innovation firm)

“The High Performance FORUM energized me with actionable information and strategies to grow my company and personal income exponentially. I’ve met world-class entrepreneurs that will be lifelong friends and business advisors who inspire me to become the best I can become.”

Denny Noneman, Owner Noneman Real Estate Company (Multi-family investment firm. 1,000 units in portfolio, employing 20 people)

MistyLown“Wow! The HPF is one laser focused, growth producing event! I would definitely recommend this to my colleagues. Value=priceless.”

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Misty Lown, Owner & Director/Misty’s Dance Unlimited ($1 million dance school)

“The HPF will deliver over $1million worth of value this year alone. Many of the HPF members will become lifelong associated and the year long meetings will be priceless”

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Gene King, Managing Director, WRSequence, LLC (Investment Banking/M&A Firm)

“For any serious business owner or CEO who truly is committed to excellence should prioritize attending an HPF Forum. You cannot, seriously, put a price on the value of the experience. As an educated business professional, the quality of material covered is absolutely outstanding. Do not debate, do not hesitate-Attend! You will never regret it.”

Ken McPherson, VP of Sales at Iceberg Networks Corporation

“I came here to play bigger in my business and my life. I wanted to dramatically increase my impact and my revenue and my income. What surprised me most was discovering that I can do that with just a few key changes in my own behavior. One of the best uses of my time since I started my business.”

Mark Henson, Sparkspace (Business retreat conference facilities)

“I think a lot of us came here humbled by even being chosen to come and be a part of such an amazing experience. I am leaving with great tools that I gathered in 3 days versus having to read 100’s of books or things that would have taken years to collect. I would highly recommend it.”

Cassie Gallagher, Owner West U Fitness (Integrated training studio)

“The HPF was the best training/business improvement event I have ever been involved with. The content is going to be huge for my business and the relationships with other members are an equally valuable benefit.”

Chad Tompkins, COO/WTC Engineering ($6+ million civil engineering, land surveying, and construction services company)

“The process of preparing for, attending, participating and committing going forward, has made my investment in HPF the greatest to date in my career. I fully expect my income and overall expectations to take a quantum leap as a result of attending.”

Scott Fay, Treasure Coast Irrigation, LLC. & Rood Landscape, LLC. ($10 million landscape company)

“Darren has distilled a lifetime of success principles into a 2 ½ day workshop that will change your life!”

Mark Bettencourt, O.D. Vision Source

“The HPF was everything I hoped for and more! I expect a 21% increase in my revenue this year. The caliber of the members was even higher than I expected, and I’m thrilled to be on this journey with them!”

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Catherine Hammond, Attorney & Owner/Hammond Law Group

“Darren’s HPF was a life-changing action-packed workshop that will have ripple effects throughout my company and will generate millions of dollars of value! Best 3 days that I could spend to start off the New Year!”

Sidd Pagidipati, CEO & Founder, Founder/COO Freedom Health ($500+ million Medicare Advantage Health Company)

“Darren Hardy and HPF have shifted my mind. The value of this impact shall be in $10’s millions over the next 3 years.”

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Sasha Berson, Founder & CEO Berson Business Development Firm

“Darren’s HPF 3 day experience was life changing. He focused on proven and critical strategies for business transformation and personal development. The HPF gave me the power to solve a thousand problems.”

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Lynne Wallace, President VANTREO Insurance Brokerage

bradpederson“As an entrepreneur; this was the most complete, comprehensive and thought provoking exercise that I have ever participated in, that has brought clarity into what really matters in achieving real and sustained success for my enterprise. I feel that I was given a unique opportunity to be a part of an elite group that has been exposed to something very special.”

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Brad Pedersen, President Tech 4 Kids, Inc ($20+ million toy designer and manufacturer)

“This course is a must for any aspiring entrepreneurs. Eye opening. Tremendous value to any business. Like minded people, super bright, ambitious people, like minded”

Voytek Maroula, President/Phonewave and Brand Name Wholesale (Wholesale clothing distributor)

“The HPF was a huge WOW! The powerful content Darren covered by lunch on day 1 was life changing, mind shifting and directly applicable to my business for powerful financial, professional and personal return…and that was just by lunch day 1! I came in with high expectations and they were exceeded!”

Abby Donnelly, Partner, Sandler Training & Development Solutions (Sales & leadership training company)

“This was a mind blowing experience for me. I have met amazing HPF people and I’m sure some will become lifelong friends. I have over 10 companies but I am not as successful as I should be because not running them properly. Darren has provided me tools and knowledge to enable me reach my goals and dreams.”

Roy Coughlan, MatchPointNetwork (Franchise consulting firm)

“The HPF was unbelievable. I had very high expectations and I can honestly say this 3 day FORUM exceeded those expectations. I would recommend this for any individual that is working to take their business to a higher level. This could very well be one of the most important events in my life that I have attended.”

John Pinjuv, Managing Director/Avison Young (Commercial real estate firm)

“The HPF 3 day intensive not only exceeded my expectations but was impactful on my business. Plus it was fun.”

Madison Scott, Owner/Gatti’s Pizza, Century Financial Group ($6+ million multi-business revenue)

“I came into the HPF intimidated by the extraordinary group of my co-members and walk out awed and inspired and part of a family. I am excited for my bottom line but even more for the extraordinary experience I can now provide my team, my business affiliates but most important of all my clients.”

Cindy Howeth, Guild Mortgage Company (Residential lending firm)

“The HPF 3-day intensive was brilliantly executed! Every aspect of the program exceeded my expectations. I was especially impressed with the strength of the content Darren pulled together. Real, tangible bottom-line impact right away! The quality and caliber of the FORUM members was also a bright spot. I have every confidence these connections will provide life-long value and mutual benefit.”

Sandon Nixon, The Hartford Mutual Funds ($100+ million insurance and wealth management company)

I am the most committed to getting results from training I have ever been. Not only was the information invaluable but the follow up but the process over the next year will keep me accountable to achieving more in a year than I ever have.”

Steve Kelsey, Owner Printthink Solutions Inc & Inkslam (Customizable corporate marketing supply company)

“The HPF is a condensation of all of the most effective marketing strategies to grow you business. It is a marketing MBA in three days. You will come away knowing where to focus your attention and just as importantly where not to.”

Alexander Kreefft, PrimeLending (Residential mortgage company)

“The value I received this weekend will change my life and directly impact those around me. You delivered much more than I expected.”

Krysta Friesen, Owner Frontpage Properties (Real estate investment and development company)

“I came to HPF with one goal: “To Kickstart my Life”. I was in a rut and not getting out of it, my hope was that this would provide that change. I am thrilled to say that the HPF program, the exposure to other high potential individuals, and the real world, down to earth, presentation by Darren Hardy far exceeded my expectations. I firmly believe that this experience will enable me to double my companies revenues and triple my profits.”

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Bill Stuart, CEO/Stuart & Associates Inc. ($2+ million retail and manufacture consulting firm)

“I leave here refreshed, energized and excited to lead my business to even greater success. I particularly look forward to continuing and expanding my relationship with fellow FORUM members. I am very glad I decided come.”

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Kevin Merrigan, Owner Northop and Johnson Yachts (One of the top three yacht brokers in the world)

“The HPF experience was life changing for me. The opportunity to listen to Darren speak was enormous, but in addition, the creative ideas from the other members really multiplied the number of profitable ideas for me to take home. Never in my life have I met so many people LIKE ME, but BETTER! They are some of the most intelligent, gifted, driven people that I have ever met, and they make me want to accomplish more.”

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Becca Attaberry, Owner Attaberry Real Estate Group (Real estate group specializing in bank owned properties)

Value far exceeded investment actionable ideas that are practical and proven vs conceptual-based theory. HPF provided hope, inspiration and confidence to take my business to the next level. Excellent!!”

Terry McKenna, Owner Employee Performance Strategies, Inc. (Consulting and training services to convenience store operators)

To be considered for a future FORUM, inquire further here.