SCHEDULE for 2.5-day Intensive and FORUM Membership

The schedule is variable based on the profile makeup of each individual FORUM, but the following provides a general overview.

DanTrinidad“This event was the most amazing 2 ½ days I’ve spent looking at my business in 25 years! Darren challenges us to be extraordinary! I’m confident that the knowledge that I’ve gained will result in 10x growth for my business.”

Dan Trinidad, CEO at Partners Mortgage

Day One: 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.


Darren Hardy will outline the framework for the two and half-day intensive workshop and the year-long interactive FORUM experience.


“The HPF was a huge WOW! The powerful content Darren covered by lunch on day 1 was life changing, mind shifting and directly applicable to my business for powerful financial, professional and personal return…and that was just by lunch day 1! I came in with high expectations and they were exceeded!”

Abby Donnelly, Partner, Sandler Training & Development Solutions (Sales & leadership training company)

SESSION: Sales and Marketing Breakthroughs

You will go through a very enlightening proprietary marketing diagnostic that will identify all the areas of constraints, profit gaps and unexploited opportunities in your sales and marketing processes. You will identify at least 10 areas where you can double or triple your new customer acquisition, their average purchase volume and the frequency of their repeat purchase. You will then be given the proven strategies used by the best organizations in the world in each of those areas to exponentially grow their revenue and significantly dominate their marketplaces.

GlennBill“The HPF forum was the perfect setting for me to recalibrate, re-prioritize, and refocus my lens from where and how I view my business. I expect the impact it will have on my revenue will be $1 Million.

Glenn Bill, President at GB Unlimited

Day Two: 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

SESSION: Sales and Marketing Breakthroughs Session (Continued)

You will learn the specific strategies companies like Apple, Nike, Starbucks, Google, Zappos and Harley-Davidson use to transform prospects into customers, customers into rabid fans and rabid fans into passionate advocates. You will learn how to position and craft your messaging to attract, engage and endear committed and loyal followers to your brand and business—no matter the business marketplace you are in. These strategies will undoubtedly make you a game-changer in your industry—and incredibly profitable! Many more breakthrough sales and marketing ideas and strategies will be revealed during this session, as well as best practice ideas from members of the FORUM that have proved to deliver big results and big profits.

“The HPF is a condensation of all of the most effective marketing strategies to grow you business. It is a marketing MBA in three days. You will come away knowing where to focus your attention and just as importantly where not to.”

Alexander Kreefft, PrimeLending (Residential mortgage company)

Pete Gilfillan“The HPF experience was amazing and life changing! What I learned in these two and a half days will transform me as an individual, leader, and business owner. The ideas shared will allow me to double the revenue of my business! Bottom line, the HPF is one of my most valued treasures

Pete Gilfillan, Owner at Winning Franchise Solutions

Day Three: 8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

SESSION: Leadership and Creating an Organizational Culture of High-Performance

You will learn how to double and triple business and performance output by attracting, recruiting and retaining A-tier talent and eliminating the performance constraints on your culture.

ChristianDodge2“I came back from HPF and utilized what I learned about finding top talent and created a kick butt hiring process. As a result, in 2012 we grew 200% and I plan to do it again in 2013 – all because of this one strategy.”

Christian Dodge, Owner Electrical Concepts, Inc.

SESSION: Systems and Strategic Planning

You will learn how to build and reinforce the systems needed to create and sustain hyper-growth in your organization. Lack of the proper systems can significantly hamper your growth opportunities, if not implode your business entirely. You will learn the systems and strategic planning methodologies used by the most admired high-growth companies of our lifetime. You will also learn the productivity secrets of the most successful CEOs reigning today. This is another session worth the price of membership.

Moore“A year after HPF my revenues are up 55% and profits are up 155%. 
I developed the confidence to shed what was not working in my business, including buying out my partner, letting go of inefficient systems and processes and reallocating staff to their core areas of strength.”

 Dominque Molina , CEO Certified Tax Coach, Inc. 

Your FORUM membership directory and the entire learning curriculum including all the diagnostic processes, assessments, worksheets and best-practice checklists are bound into a beautiful embossed leather binder for you to keep. This manual contains a highly concentrated, condensed and compressed collection of the greatest profit producing strategies, systems and breakthroughs that have built many of the most revered brands in the world today. With it you can compress decades of learning into days and collect millions of dollars of hard earned insights. It will become your playbook to building your own hyper-growth, high-impact company.

JP Piercy“The information I learned at the FORUM will have a massive impact on my business. The manual Darren went through addresses all of the issues we have to deal with in our business. I now have a detailed game plan on how to tackle the issues that have been holding us back from excellence.”

JP Piercy, VP Merchandising at Mosser’s Shoes


More on the HPF Manual from David Mammano, CEO Next Step Academy

ScottKefferCrop“Darren has skillfully synthesized not only all of his wisdom, experience, and training, he has also woven in everything that he has learned from some of the world’s most successful business leaders.. and you walk away with one of the most comprehensive, business building resource manuals. The content is worth literally millions in new revenue… and the new relationships you make are equally as valuable.”

Scott Keffer, CEO Scott Keffer International

“The Peak Performance Partners process makes accountability happen. We hold each other to our goals, encourage each other, share insights from current learning and past experiences. The results in my personal and professional life are better than ever before and at the end of the first quarter I’m on track with the big goals I set for the year.”

Scott Fay, Treasure Coast Irrigation, LLC. & Rood Landscape, LLC. ($10 million landscape company)

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